Fibo Wall Panels provide instant waterproof, hygienic walls with a choice from an attractive range of colours
and finishes.

Download the full Technical Data PDF here.
  • MANUFACTURER ISO 9001 certified

    Fibo-Trespo AS
    Industriveien 2, 4580 Lyngdal, NORWAY


    Fibo is an interior panel for use in wet and dry rooms in both domestic and public areas.

    The panel is designed to be used in bathrooms, wet rooms, showers and other areas with excessive water exposure.


    Panels can be fitted directly onto a concrete wall or plasterboard, over tiles or onto a timber framework. Refer to the manufacturers fitting instructions enclosed with panels or downloaded from the Fibo website.


    It is critical that any exposed plywood on the panels must be sealed thoroughly in order to make them fully waterproof. Use corrosion free screws and/or high tensile strength glue to fix panels to the wall. Use sealant for all joints between panels and profiles and around bath and shower trays.

    Recommended sealant: Hybrid Polymer sealant such Soudal "Soudaseal 215 LM" or C-Tec "CT1".


    Panels are available in different finishes depending on the colour chosen:

    • Silk (S)
    • Gloss (G)
    • High Gloss (HG)
    • Extra Matt (EM)
    • Saw Cut (SC)
    • Cement (C)
    • Rustic (RU)
    • Stone (STN)

    Three Standard Sizes:

    • (1) 2400mm x 620mm (*600mm) with Aqualock jointing on the two long sides
    • (2) 2400mm x 920mm (*900mm) with Aqualock jointing on the two long sides
    • (3) 2400mm x 1200mm - square edged - no Aqualock jointing

    All panels are 10.2mm thickness
    (*net width i.e. decorative surface only excluding Aqualock tongue & groove system)


    • (1) 2400mm x 600mm – 2 panels per pack
      (12kg per panel/8kg per square metre)
    • (2) 2400mm x 900mm – 2 panels per pack
      (18kg per panel/8kg per square metre)
    • (3) 2400mm x 1200mm – 2 panels per box
      (24kg per panel/8kg per square metre)

    Panels should be stored flat, under cover in dry conditions. The decorative surfaces should be facing each other. Panels must be conditioned at room temperature for 3 days prior to installation and the moisture content should be >15%


    Wipe down with soft coth & water or non-abrasive cleaner. Household solvents, disinfectants and detergents do not affect the durable surface. Do not use limescale removers, bleach, paint stripper, white spirit or toilet cleaners on the surface.

    Do not use steam cleaning devices.

  • PROFILES 2.4m long

    Type Finish
    Internal Corner White PVC or Brushed Aluminium
    External Corner White PVC or Brushed Aluminium
    L-Shaped (Finishing) White PVC or Brushed Aluminium
    J-Shaped (Finishing) Brushed Aluminium
    Stacking White PVC or Brushed Aluminium
    Base Brushed Aluminium

    (see Fitting Instructions or here for diagrams)

  • CONSTRUCTION Ply core:

    Fibo panels consist of a wooden core material covered with a decorative high-pressure laminate(HPL) on the front face and a backing laminate (HPL) on the reverse side. This core is specially developed 7-layer 9mm WBP (exterior grade) plywood. The plywood core is PEFC certified (refer towebsite to download certificate). The plywood core is excellent for wetrooms, showers and other areas with extremely high humidity. The long edges of the panels (600mm and 900mm) are delivered with the Aqualock “click lock” tongue & groove system for concealed fixing. 1200mm panels are straight edged.

  • TOLERANCES EN 324 part 1

    Length +/- 2.0mm Width +/- 0.5mm
    Thickness +/- 0.4mm Difference from level +/- 0.3mm
    Banana 0.8mm  
    Curving Convex 1.0mm Curving Concave 3.0mm
    Joint Opening Wet room 0.5mm Dry room 0.7mm
    Moisture level > 12% during production  

    According to test program NS-EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009

    Fire Certificate : D-s1.d0

  • CONSTRUCTION High Pressure Laminate:

    Paper forms the basis of high-pressure laminates (HPL). The paper is impregnated with phenolic and melamine resins, dried and finally compressed to form an extremely hard and stable material – High Pressure Laminate HPL.

    HPL is a surface material that can be bonded to different kinds of substrates.

    HPL’s have a very good wear resistance as well as resistance to most chemicals.

  • The laminate meets the requirements of EN 438 Part 1 & 2 (ISO4586)

    Impact Resistance Good
    Wear Resistance (IP) Good
    Scratch Resistance (Abrasion) >150
    Heat Resistance Max 180°C/356°F
    Water Absorption Good
    Swelling < 3%
    Dimensional Stability < 3%
    Lengthwise < 3%
    Crosswise < 3%
    Light Resistance (Scale 1-8, 8=best) 6 - 8
  • Brilliance Test Method according to ISO 2813 (Light Reflective Values) Reference Point: 60 degrees

    • High Gloss (HG) 105-110
    • Gloss (G) 70-80
    • Silk (S) 10-18

    1071-CPD-0149-2004 EN 13986:2004 EN 636-2 EN 335-3 CLASS 2 Formaldehyde E1


    PEFC CoC CERTIFICATE Nr. 194143-2016-AE NOR-NA
    EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) number NEPD0028IE


    Fibo UK have a warehouse in Grimsby and Denny, Scotland. Delivery time is approximately5 working days following receipt of order providing required items are in stock.


    Fibo UK Limited,
    Water Meadow House,
    Chesham, Bucks HP5 1LF

    Tel: 01494 771242 / Fax: 01494 771292